FDroid An Android Market for FOSS Applications

FDroid is a repository of FOSS Applications that offers a Marketplace like application to make browsing, installing and managing apps seamless, also offered is the ability to browse and download applications via the website which is handy for people who like to keep a copy of their favourite Apps archived on their PC.
When starting FDroid You will notice a simple UI consisting of three tabs which are Available, Installed, Updates and a drop down Menu to filter by category.


When selecting applications you will notice some Apps have multiple versions available as shown in the screenshot below just get the newest unless you are looking for a specific version. From the same screen if you press the Menu key you will get various icons what offer links to the source code, bug reporting and a way to donate. So Far there is roughly about 250 Application in the Catalogue which is a god start as its 100% community driven run by Volunteers, Hopefully the number will increase when the word gets around and more Open Source Developers get on board, so join in with me in helping spread the word.


If You’re a Developer and want to submit your application to the Repository or Contribute Your time helping other ways then click Here, For End Users who simply want to find out more or want to get the application just hit this link to get to the site and Install FDroid


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